Who we are

HELLO! WE ARE LOTSEAL TRADING. We are a small group of friends who always help each other and our families successfully swing trade the market. Now, we are very excited to share our proven success with you.

We swing trade the market for one reason, to make money. Our focus is to provide a service where people who work 9 to 5 can successfully swing trade the market without being glued to a computer screen. We do this by spotting opportunities using our successful strategies and swing trading them for fast profits.

If you are someone who is looking to take control of your swing trading, then I urge you to give our service a try. If our friends and families can make money swing trading the market, then so can you.

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Trading Picks

3/24 – 3/25 $CAK


3/3 – 3/6 $MCP


3/3 – 3/6 $GPK


12/12 – 3/6 $GSS


Benefits of singing up

~ Emails containing valuable information for your continued success swing trading the market
~ Videos with an in depth explanation of the stocks we are buying.
~ Educational videos with reminders of how to control your swing trading.
~ Market recaps and how they affect the stocks we are buying.